A rich and reliable resource for worship planning

Sundays and Seasons follows the three-year lectionary cycle and provides everything you need 
to support your worship ministry in one convenient location, always accessible online.


Plan services and 
easily produce worship
support materials.


Find hymns, songs,
NRSV Bible texts,
and more.


Browse the library of
liturgical resources for
ideas and inspiration.


Add music and
preaching to your
Deluxe subscription.


Access content for
special services and

Confidently plan engaging worship services

Spend less time on repetitive tasks so you can give more to the creative aspects of ministry.

Sundays and Seasons brings together online all the content you need to digitally assemble worship support materials like a bulletin or a set of projection slides, in just a few simple steps:

Select a service date and base liturgy
Move, modify, add, and edit worship plan content
Review and download your worship plan content
Format your finished bulletin or projection in your own    application (like Microsoft Word or PowerPoint)

By working online, you can easily collaborate with others to complete your worship plan. Our subscriptions allow for multiple account users. Once you create a worship plan that works well for your church, you can save it for reuse. Updating a saved worship plan can be done in a matter of minutes and is convenient for planning multiple services. Subscribers to both sundaysandseasons.com Deluxe and Prelude Music Planner on the same account can edit worship plans within either program.

Get ideas from a long list of liturgical resources

Delve into the library to research a concept, get a fresh perspective, or ignite a new idea.

Discover inspiration in the expansive Sundays and Seasons online library. Content is curated from a diverse base of contributors—including pastors, musicians, seminary professors, and visual artists from North America and abroad. Explore categories that include:

• Lectionary readings
• Seasonal rites and essays
• Preaching helps
• Children’s bulletins
• Ideas for the day
• Music suggestions
• Visual images

Extend your Deluxe subscription with added content

Broaden your worship planning and access even more rich content sets.

Deluxe subscribers may enhance their subscriptions with the Preaching Module or Prelude Music Planner.

The Preaching Module features content from Sundays and Seasons: Preaching and New Proclamation.

Prelude Music Planner, available with a separate subscription, is an online tool that makes planning music for worship easy and efficient. Subscribe to both sundaysandseasons.com Deluxe and Prelude Music Planner with the same account to enjoy integration between these planning tools.

Access content for special services

Get everything you need to celebrate an occasional service, special blessing, or seasonal rite.

Sundays and Seasons isn’t just helpful for regular weekly worship—it provides the freedom and flexibility to plan for special services and occasions.

• Weddings
• Funerals
• Morning or Evening Prayer
• Midweek Lenten services
• and more

Deluxe Subscription

Standard Subscription

Get online access to liturgies, liturgical music, lectionary texts, prayers, artwork, children’s bulletins, plus the ability to download hymns and songs. Also includes an Augsburg Fortress Liturgies License, which provides permission to reproduce (print or project) Augsburg Fortress liturgy texts or service music at your church.

An enhanced module is available as an add-on to your Deluxe Subscription:
The Preaching Module includes all content from Sundays and Seasons: Preaching, New Proclamation, and more.

Prelude Music Planner also integrates with the Deluxe Subscription.

Note: Separate licensing is required to print or project all copyrighted hymn content (including Augsburg Fortress) as well as copyrighted service music from publishers other than Augsburg Fortress. We recommend that you secure one or more multi-publisher hymn and song licenses (OneLicense, CCLI) depending on your needs. These are not included in the Deluxe subscription.

Includes everything in the Deluxe Subscription, except the ability to download hymns and songs.

The Preaching Module and integration with Prelude Music Planner are not available at the Standard Subscription level.

Annual Pricing

Average weekly
worship attendance
S&S Deluxe Subscription
+S&S Preaching
S&S Standard Subscription
Prelude Music Subscription

Individual subscriptions may be purchased at the 1-49 subscription price. An individual subscription is offered for the use of the subscribing individual only, including use at locations where this individual is serving on a one-time basis. Downloaded content cannot be shared or given to any other individuals, churches, or organizations for repeated use. If you are a multi-point parish or a campus ministry site, contact us to discuss subscription options.

All pricing is shown in US Dollars. Please keep exchange rates in mind when placing your order.

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